On July 19th 2021 my wife had an unprompted tonic clonic (what used to
be called "grand mal") seizure with no warning signs that it was
coming. After being rushed to the hospital and quickly medicated to
suppress any further seizure activity, her short term memory and sleep
cycle began to normalize and we started to take a look around the
landscape of our new life.

We've learned so much and yet we are still epilepsy rookies. After
some tweaks, she ended up on what appears to be the right medicine. We
got the final diagnosis about six weeks later. Scar tissue on her
brain from a closed head injury from a car accident that had occurred
in 2003 was causing her brain to have problems and misfire.

I have this new job now of part-time caregiver. Clearly, normal life
has been utterly usurped and we are adjusting to this reality, or
trying to.

Part of my exploration of this new world is the music I have made here.

This release is free to everyone. If you wish to make a payment,
please donate it to either or Cure
epilepsy is more focused on researching medication and a cure. The
Epilepsy Foundation leans a little more on social programs and support
structures. Any funds sent to Thorin Teague will be redirected to the
aforementioned organizations, split evenly.

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