This is pretty dope.  I suppose there are people who only like techno, but
I listen to a lot of Jazz and Jazz is interwoven in a lot of Detroit dance
music - Think Theo Parrish, and even (in his own unique way) Omar S...

On Wed, Dec 22, 2021 at 8:33 AM David A. Powers <> wrote:

> Forget that JM press release, if you want to hear some real underground
> jazz, check out  Djallo Djakate playing drums alongside Rafael Statin (aka
> Leafar). This is the cutting edge of cosmic techno-jazz experimentation...
> Caught the recent show under the name "Inner Ear" at Trinosophes in Eastern
> Market, and it was fantastic. Be on the lookout for Inner Ear in the
> future...
> PS Rafael is the saxophonist for a recent Jeff Mills project:
> It's cool that Jeff recognizes the talent of someone like Rafael and is
> using him. But people should be aware that there are other amazing jazz
> musicians like Djallo Djakate that few people have heard of, and these are
> the people who have been participating in local scenes for years and are
> quietly pushing boundaries and continuing to evolve the music behind
> the scenes.
> ~David

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