Uh, that should be nice: I’ve heard Nobu a couple of times in Berlin and it was 
kinda epic…

Da: David A. Powers <cybo...@gmail.com>
Inviato: giovedì 17 febbraio 2022 22:51
A: 313 <313@hyperreal.org>
Oggetto: Detroit event: IT Party with DJ Nobu

This should be fun! Very interested in seeing Nobu, it seems like he's really 
got a nice take on the kind of minimal techno that originates with Robert Hood 
and Jeff Mills.
DJ Nobu
Ectomorph DJ set
Rebecca Goldberg
What we all need is the ritual and rites of renewal, to recharge and reconnect 
though the rhythm and sound coming from the massive sound system. Who could 
possibly be more perfect to lead such a charge? IT is so thrilled to present 
one of our favorite and most heady, yet direct DJs in the world, DJ Nobu. 
Hailing from Japan and playing beyond boundaries, his style emanates a deep 
thought that connects us to our ancient and future selves, both behind the 
decks and in his own productions and with his excellent label Bitta. To set the 
stage Ectomorph will DJ, a collaboration of the hivemind of BMG & Erika on the 
Model 1 and effects, with support from Rebecca Goldberg. The transformational 
art of Amber Gillen & crew will be taking over the place as it takes you to 
outer space, and the sound will be giant and reinforced by the sonic visionary 
behind the system at No Way Back, Jim Gibbons of AVS. This will be our first 
show at The Tangent since before the pandemic began, and will be a very special 
night for us. Come join us as we renew and begin again, going ever deeper.
21+ with ID

 ~David Powers

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