Wibo Lammerts (w1b0 on bass agenda records) has passed on to the next
world. He is survived by his wife and two young children who he was
frequently training in the arts of knob twiddling. I am not aware of any
pre-existing condition or any indication that this was coming. It appears
to be out of the blue but I  don't have any inside information.

W1b0 put out several electro records in the past couple years and played a
number of German shows and radio stations. He was extremely active in the
313 list in the 90s and stuff, he attended a 313 get together which I
believe occurred a year before the first movement festival.

He gave me a surprise phone call on New Year's Eve last year and one of the
things we talked about was that he said he was feeling like electro had run
its course for him and he was considering what he should experiment with
next. I was looking forward to hearing that. Very sad news and he will be

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