On 05/17/2019 12:44 AM, William Brown wrote:

I think this would be a "final goal", so to formalise the stages:

* Add build tooling and a simple (dummy) log thread as a "getting started". 
Supplement with documentation on wiki.
* Fill-in the log thread to support an "operation log", and add basic operation 
log hooks in the server.
* Fill in more operation log points in the server to build detail
* change slapi_log_err to log to the new rust thread, continue to generate 
error file
* change slapi_log_audit to log to the new rust thread, continue to generate 
audit file
* change slapi_log_access to log to the new rust thread, continue to generate 
access file.
* remove former logging code

I wonder if we really could have one api  eg slapi_log_* and different 
implementations, keep the current, implement a new one and allow to chose
I don't think I understand this comment, could you explain a bit more what you 
have in mind?
what I wanted to say is that right now for logging we have a split in "what" and "how", a function wants to log something calls slapi_log_* and provides the loglevel, type (_err, _access), and information (formatstring and params). It does not know or care about log buffering, log rotation, they could even all go to the same file, if it is a dedicated thread or ....

If we want to change logging I would like to keep this separation, and if we want to concentrate on performance we should first address the "how" part, doin all together might be too big a task and too much work. And we would not have to throw away the current impelmentation, it could be configured "how" slapi_log _* perform theit task.
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