On Wed, 2017-08-09 at 19:48 +0000, Lucas Diedrich wrote:
> Willian, i can make that, is there any manual on how to get the data trough
> gstack?

On the affected master run:

ps aux | grep slapd

Note the pid of the ns-slapd process

sudo gstack <pid of ns-slapd> &> /tmp/gstack.out

Then send me the gstack.out file. 

> Another thing, as i needed to resolve the issue, i had ldapmodify my group
> adding the members, using the method below it took like 16 sec. peer user
> and leading to un-reponsive system after the 30th user:
> But, changing to the method below, i was able to add all 600 users in only
> 16 sec with no un-responsive time:

Could be combination of memberof and ndn cache I think. 

Let's see the gstack, and we can work out the best course of action from


William Brown
Software Engineer
Red Hat, Australia/Brisbane

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