Hi All,

v15.1, windows 10, compiled server and standalone.

I have a listbox on a form showing line items on an invoice. I have two check 
box columns, one for edit and one for delete. The design form has a blank 
listbox with no columns. The listbox is procedurally built, and re-built upon 
adding new items. The list box is cleared each time by getting the listbox 
arrays and deleting each column. All arrays are zeroed and refilled. The 
boolean Listbox array is zeroed each time.

However, intermittently, when adding a new item or refreshing the listbox with 
a new selection, either checkbox column may  show the word “false” in each row. 
I am not using the insert row feature but I am rebuilding the listbox each 
time. If I add another row, or delete a row, it often rebuilds correctly.

Rather than use static header variables defined in the compiler methods, I 
declared the header variables by an execute formula command as in EXECUTE 
FORMULA(“c_longint(l_Header_01 02 etc. I have no conflicts with header 
variables between this listbox and others on the form. 

I’d appreciate any leads to solve this problem.



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