this might be more then you think...
as I recall there are a number of non-printing characters in unicode
char(0) through char(31) except Char(10), char(13)

so it may not be a "simple" 
Query by formula([table];position(char(0);[table]field)>0)

It may actually be a case of
do any of the characters in any text field in my database match any of 
these prohibited characters in this list.

I had some old code to locate and exterminate gremlins (same idea, 
older systems) but it does not seem to be handy. That code may have 
come from the nug, you could check the archives...

If i find it - I'll forward it to you.

On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 14:19:14 -0700, Douglas von Roeder wrote:
> I've hit a situation in a legacy application that has records with alpha
> and text fields that contain numerous non-printing characters. The
> non-printing characters are causing non-printing.
> How do I go about finding the records the have invalid characters and
> deleting the Char(0)?
> One approach would be Query by formula checking to see if the position of
> Char(0)>0 but that seems to be a painfully resource intensive approach.
> Another tack would be to update the trigger code but that means I only get
> cleaned up data if the record is modified.
> Thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc. on this issue are welcome.
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