if I am reading this correctly 
) -
Keisuke is saying...

$text:=Get text from pasteboard

apply to your text field(s)

Also I found this on game (12 years ago - from Pat Bensky)

Here is some code to strip gremlins. You might not need some bits - 
the removal of leading and trailing spaces.

  ` GremlinsRemove
  ` 29/01/02 pb
  ` Deletes "gremlins" from text -- e.g.
  ` embedded tabs, spaces at beg. or end, line ends etc.
  ` parameters: $1 = pointer to the data to be checked
  ` (could be a field or variable)



If (($type=Is Text ) | ($type=Is Alpha Field ) | ($type=Is String Var ))
If (Length($1->)>0)

  ` first remove leading spaces
While (Ascii($text¾1„)=32)
End while

  ` then remove all trailing spaces
While (Ascii($text¾Length($text)„)=32)
End while

  ` Then remove all embedded gremlins
  ` Nothing below ASCII 32 (space) should be allowed, except
  ` 13 (CR) but only in text, not strings
For ($i;1;$length)
Case of
: (($type=Is Text ) & (Ascii($text¾$i„)=13))  ` this is

: (Ascii($text¾$i„)=13)
$tOutput:=$tOutput+" "

: (Ascii($text¾$i„)<32)
  ` not allowed
End case
End for

End if   ` length > 0
End if   ` type = text or string

On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 14:19:14 -0700, Douglas von Roeder wrote:
> I've hit a situation in a legacy application that has records with alpha
> and text fields that contain numerous non-printing characters. The
> non-printing characters are causing non-printing.
> How do I go about finding the records the have invalid characters and
> deleting the Char(0)?
> One approach would be Query by formula checking to see if the position of
> Char(0)>0 but that seems to be a painfully resource intensive approach.
> Another tack would be to update the trigger code but that means I only get
> cleaned up data if the record is modified.
> Thoughts, comments, suggestions, etc. on this issue are welcome.
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