Chip, thanks for your reply.

> How are you displaying the boolean values?
> (not on v15) booleans display (true/on) as a check box very well for me

The boolean values are displayed without any special setting - it’s just a 
boolean field and 4D does the rest.
- all listbox columns are not enterable
- all columns display in black
- *except* boolean boxes which are greyed out, very faint, and hard to see

Since we are the only ones that think the suggested enhancements are desirable, 
I won’t go through the feature request process.

> available in v15 using "Internal date short special"

I didn’t know that - I’ll check it out, thanks.
Cheers, Keith

> On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 08:41:17 +1200, Keith Goebel wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> Using 4D v15.2 on Win 7 and upwards, I have found there are 3 
>> enhancements I would like 4D to make to selection based list boxes:
>> - draw boolean fields darker - they are greyed out and very dim, 
>> making them hard to see
>> - the option to tell the listbox to only show a boolean box if it is 
>> True (box is ticked) like the "blank if null" feature in output lists.
>> - the option to tell the listbox to only show a date field if it is 
>> has a value (like the "blank if null" feature in output lists).
>> If others would like those features, please let me know and I'll 
>> register a request with 4D.
>> Cheers, Keith

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