So I finally have an installation location where many of the clients get the 
"NULL End point error dialogs” which point me to issues with the network.

The disconnect can happen anywhere from 2 minutes to 1 hour after they first 
log in. After clicking OK through the dialogs and getting the application quit, 
they are always able to immediately log back into the server.

This is one of our OEM clients using 4D v13.5 build, mixed machines with PCs 
and a mac.

Since they first reported the problem last week, I’ve changed the client/server 
timeouts to 2 minutes, and made sure all of the PCs have their NICs set to not 
allow the computer to put them to sleep.

Power Options on the PCs also set to not go to sleep.

These changes have gotten 3 out 4 PCs to stabilize and no longer exhibit the 
problem, but I still have 1 PC that isn’t cooperating and 1 mac.

Anti-virus on the PCs is ESET, which I turned off for the 1 that is not 
cooperating, but remains on without problems for the 3 that are now working.

No Anti-virus on the mac, and I’m not aware of anything network wise that I 
could tweak.

The only thing I can think of now for the mac is perhaps the client is 
connecting over wi-fi? It’s turned on, but the ethernet cable is the preferred 
network for everything to go out.

We’ve already checked that the mac is definitely plugged into the same switch 
as the server, a 24 port D-Link DGB-1024D switch. They use 2 of these. The PCs 
are mostly on the other switch. 1 of the working ones is on the same switch as 
the server.

I’m out of ideas on the mac and this PC. Anyone else have some suggestions?


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