I have some questions about workers. Sorry if it is obvious for some of you. I 
still don’t feel so comfortable with this new stuff. 

- May the workers be local processes? (naming them with a $, I guess)

- What about the stack size ? I see nothing about that, and I do not understand 
why. I guess the stack will have the mystery "default size", but I’m not 
sure... ;)

- I know that preemptive execution implies no interprocess variables. OK. But, 
if the preemptive aspect is not a priority for me now, can I still use 
inteprocess variables without any problem in my workers?

– Is the use of workers not for a high velocity compute section of an app, but 
for a regular part, with basic records filling and so, reasonable or not? with 
the idea to call the worker-process by the "call form" command, when needed). 
Why would I do that? Because some of my apps have a concept of several 
permanent processes with reuse of those. So, the workers would be better than 
the processes which are most of the time sleeping, then wake up, then go back 
to sleep, and so on...

Thanks for your upcoming replies! :)

Foucauld Pérotin
     Try again.
     Fail again. Fail better.
     Samuel Beckett 
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