We have used SharePoint for Questionnaires/Surveys.  While it certainly
works for that, it's not the best tool we could have chosen.  We used it
cause it was available, and because someone over here was just back from a
weeklong course and was currently at the top of the Hype curve with it.
One major downside is being able to move projects through the
Dev/Test/Production cycle.  We typically have three databases that we
cycle through during the process (Dev/Test/Production).  In SharePoint,
you will NOT be able to do this.  Moving work from one to another, all the
links break.  Also, at times, the global updates pushed down by IT break
users settings etc.

SharePoint is basically a FileSharing platform that works best if you want
to collaborate with others and share a centralized repository Excel, Word,
Powerpoint, PDF files, etc.  Though it can be tweaked to do all sorts of
stuff it wasn┬╣t really intended to do, it is by no means a database.

Of course, if your systems main objective is to manage a collection of
files as mentioned above (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, PDF files), you may
have a tough sell with 4D.

Just my 2 cents


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On 10/14/16, 7:27 AM, "David Samson" <dgsam...@gmail.com> wrote:

>Hello Robert,
>I found this which appears to be fair comparison.
>> I have client that wants to rewrite an old 4D database from scratch. At
>> least one member on the board is pushing for us to consider Sharepoint
>> another non-4D approach. I know very little about SP. I'm told it's
>>like a
>> glorified excel spreadsheet.... Any particular points I should keep in
>> as I defend 4D?
>> Thanks,
>> Robert
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