On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 12:13 PM, Douglas von Roeder <>

> Use set throws error 39 if the referenced set does not exist. However,
> Records in set returns 0 *without* throwing an error. Hmm…
> Your point about recreating the set is valid but that also sidesteps the
> possibility that you have a "bug" in your code (a logic error vs syntax),
> right?

​And thanks for your code for tracking sets created. My beef with that sort
of solution is it requires all that infrastructure to be in place and
initialized prior to being used. That's clunky. Especially in the context
of something like a component. Sets are so useful on a primitive level ​it
shouldn't be necessary to have all that other stuff installed to be able to
use them.

​That being said I think the best solution for me right now is the error 39
trap Jeremy and David and some others have suggested.

It's sort of frustrating since we 'know' this list of sets exists just
behind the curtain, as it were, because we see it in the debugger.

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