Sure. A "webhook" is just a name for an HTTP request in a specific role,
there's nothing different from it and any other HTTP request. So, you can
use any Web server that you like. As you are trying to get the data into
4D, the easiest thing to do is to enable 4D's Web server and use that. If
that's unworkable, for one reason or another, you could look at doing
something like this:

* Set up Apache.
* Have it catch the calls.
* Use PHP (etc.) to write the files to disk in a watch folder.
* Have 4D scan the watch folders and process the incoming messages.

If you need a call-response sort of a system, that's not much good.In that
case, you need a 4D-based Web server (4D native or NTK) to read and respond
to the requests, or at least that's the simplest way to go.
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