I worked with 4D Mobile and Wakanda for a couple of years, and for simply 
publishing grids and detail views of data from 4D, its pretty impressive how 
quickly you can put something together. Unfortunately, once you get into 
editing data and client side business logic, (which is what most of us do for a 
living), a developer will have to dig in every bit as much as they might using 
any other technology stack on the market. Personally, I have found it easier 
having my client side code making AJAX calls directly to 4D. You can write 
server side response code right into 4D methods, use Active4D (what I would 
recommend) or even try working with the new javascript framework in the latest 
version of NTK toolkit . 

I also don’t think using Wakanda as a back end is any easier than making calls 
to 4D via AJAX. Either way, 4D developers will need to learn some new things, 
but Wakanda is a whole new framework. At least with 4D, you are on familiar 

So, for simply browsing data in situations where the licensing is not a major 
issue, the 4D Mobile/Wakanda stack is a real time saver. When you are servicing 
larger numbers of users or building web apps that require significant business 
logic,  use a Web Expansion with unlimited connections, and manage your own 
requests and responses. A number of client side framework combinations will 
semi-automate your requests and your client side data modeling for you, and the 
server side responses aren’t really that hard to build from 4D.

Tom DeMeo
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