Hi Chip,
The problem with that scenario is that it would preclude the use of 4D
features such as the report editor, 4DWrite, label editor, etc. - all
things that our customers use. Or we would have to roll out our own, which
I'm not inclined to do :)

Also I've realised that there is another fundamental problem with the idea
of allowing customers to create new fields: when we issue a program update,
those custom fields - and their data - will be lost! So I think we are
stuck with our current situation of having lots of spare tables with lots
of fields. The only real issue with this is that it bloats the database.
But that isn't such a concern these days - everybody has big storage


On 8 March 2017 at 05:14, Chip Scheide <4d_o...@pghrepository.org> wrote:

> Pat,
> how about :
> 1 table - each record contains an object field which holds a table
> definition, which the user can define.
> 1 more table - each record has an object field which holds the data for
> the table defined above
> > I'm revisiting the idea of creating a flexible table structure with v16.
> > Currently we have lots of user data tables defined, and they are
> > activated/deactivated as required by each customer. This works OK but it
> > adds a lot of overhead to the database, as it means we have more than 50
> > tables, each with over 500 fields of various types. It would be much
> better
> > to be able to define tables on the fly.
> >
> > The first obstacle is triggers. We can create a new table using the SQL
> > CREATE TABLE command, but I can't see a way to programmatically add a
> > trigger to it. Triggers can be enabled or disabled via the ALTER TABLE
> > command, but how can a trigger be created? Is there ANY way to create a
> > trigger?
> >
> > Thanks!
> > Pat
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