No direct experience on that, but here are some debugging ideas:

- Do you have all the parameters declared in On Web Connection and on Web 

- Put a trace in On Web Session Suspend to see if the session is getting 
suspended. Might be a bad timeout setting?

- Are you changing any of the session parameters from the defaults? If so, 
maybe try commenting that out.

What version are you using? I have mainly used 15.4.

If none of that helps, maybe try a HTTP tracer to verify cookie/set-cookie 
headers are being exchanged as expected.

John DeSoi, Ph.D.

> On Apr 15, 2017, at 9:40 AM, Kirk Brooks via 4D_Tech <> 
> wrote:
> ​Well that's good news - and I must be inadvertently doing something to
> ​subvert it. Have you stumbled onto things that do would cause 4D to ignore
> it?

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