> So many times in the past, and even still today, 4D will add a now
property to
> a form object that can only be set by using the Property List in the
> environment. So no programatic way to “set” or “get” the new property.
> example of this are new listbox properties. Then after some time and
> new versions of 4D, new “get” and “set” commands are added to the
language so
> you have programatic control over the property.

Good point! My favorite feature request in the past year comes from Cannon
Smith and relates to your point. Cannon asked for each form object to have
a C_OBJECT associated with it *autoamtically*. The idea is to have a little
dictionary available automatically. It's a really beautiful idea nd feels
very "4D" to me. Well, if 4D were to add this feature, it would help make
it easy to store configuration/behavioral informational object about a form
widget "in" the form widget.

And, at that point, why not extend the sytax to support native 4D
properties as well?

$font_size := MyWonderfulButton.FontSize

MyWonderfulButton.FontSize := 14

If you haven't already voted for Cannon's request, please do. (Anyone
rolling their own event cycles/MVVC/etc. stuff in native 4D alredy knows
they want this...everyone else would just wonder how they had lived without
it for so long.)

Sorry, I don't have a Forum link to the right request, but perhaps someone
else can supply one?
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