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> <4d_tech@lists.4d.com> wrote:
> I know I’ve seen this before but I can’t remember how I resolved it. When I 
> send a file out using WEB SEND FILE command, the page comes out as intended, 
> but part of the HTML file gets duplicated and added on to the end. So I get 
> the page and then a lower section of the same page added on.
> Am I hitting a page size limit? Is there still a 32K limit to 4D pages 
> getting served up with 4D tags?
> Anyone else experience this? Know how to resolve it?
> Thanks!

I had a situation like this and Kirk Brooks kindly gave me a second pair of 
eyes to figure it out.  This may not be your cause, but I had a similar outcome.

In my case I had a method that both calculated some values and returned a page. 
I was calling that routine as part of a parent routine that just wanted the 
value calculation part (bad code design.). 4D, more or less, honors the final 
Web Send File, so I mostly saw the page I wanted but that call in the middle 
mucked things up.

So, the point is, do you have something calling Web Send File in the middle of 
the parent routine that’s sending the page you want to see?

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