I can't get my head around this :)

I need to be able to procedurally build up an *ST SET ATTRIBUTES *statement.

I have a number of styles - let's call them Style A, Style B, Style C.
Style A might be built like this:

Attribute font name;"Arial";Attribute text size;20;Attribute underline
style;1;Attribute bold style;1;Attribute text color;"Blue"

Style B might be

Attribute font name;"Arial";Attribute text size;12;Attribute text

So I'll save these in a text array.

Now I want to add any one of these styles to a, ST SET ATTRIBUTES command.
But I can't work out how to get it to work.

I need to be able to do something like this:

*ST SET ATTRIBUTES*(oWPdoc;$offset;iwpOffset;atStyles{1})

How would the styles be built? I've tried things like



$style:="Attribute font name;"+Char(34)+"Arial"+Char(34)+";Attribute text

and some other permutations and although they don\t generate an error, they
also do not work.

How to achieve this?

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