on the color picker panel you should find a cogwheel icon,
which allows you to pick a color space.

after all,
RGB is not an absolute definition unless you also specify the color space.

when you use the picker tool,
it will always return the RGB in the generic (NSCalibratedRGBColorSpace) space,
which is not the same as HTML (sRGB) or device (4D).

when you open the picker,
the device space is selected by default, so all is fine.
but when you use the picker tool, it switches to generic,
so the RGB representation differs to that used in 4D.
you need to manually switch the space to device,
or use the value returned by the command (which is converted to device).

> 2017/09/30 0:50、Kirk Brooks via 4D_Tech <4d_tech@lists.4d.com> のメール:
> Anyone else seen this? Any ideas? Worth filing a bug report?
> ​This is v16.2 (32 bit) on macos Sierra. ​

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