Di David,

That tech note was released in 2010, and it looks like only a few things have 
changed in the 7 years since it was released.

All of the screenshots in that tech note are of v11 so the UI is different now.

Some of the resources in that TN no longer exist today:
- for example, internetPulse.com and InternetHealthReport.com have been 
discontinued by the publisher.

TCP_NODELAY is no longer exposed as a set database parameter in current 
versions of 4D.

Otherwise, the overall message and the 'safest settings to use' listed in the 
conclusion are still the same settings I recommend Today. Here they are:
* Idle Connection Timeout = 20 seconds (default)
* 4D Remote Timeout = 1 minute (default)
* 4D Server Timeout = 1 minute (default)


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