It seems like something is closing the network connection.

I searched 4D Tech on gmane, read the docs on keeping the connection open, but 
after about 15 minutes of idle time, with no user activity, we get this error 
message (above and below).

A network semaphore with a 300 ms timeout is crashing.
When we remove the network semaphore, we crash on a QUERY in a different method.

This exact same error occurs on our client’s network.

I need help fixing this one.

A serious error occurred while a request was being sent to the server. You 
should quit or restart the database as soon as possible.

OSX 10.12.6 Sierra (both remote and server boxes)
4D Remote v15.5 built app
4D Server v15.5 built server
SET DATABASE PARAMETER(13;1)// 4D Server timeout
SET DATABASE PARAMETER(54;4)// Idle connections timeout

Prevent App Nap (checked on both 4D Server and 4D Remote
Wake on WiFi in energy settings


David Ringsmuth

4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG)

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