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> Hi,
> I am trying to use the new Log Parser, but without success
> First of all, when I start logging I have 10 files of 10MB each within 1 
> minute, but that's not the problem (or is it)
> After loading the log files, I open the Process with the most (+200.000) 
> debug entries.
> After a while a get into a TRACE at the following code :
> (alOpType{$a}<0) // stack level increase // negative operation means closing 
> a previous call TRACE // this doesnt make sense
> Does anybody know what this means?
> Does it point to a problem in My code, or it it a problem of the Log Parser 
> itself?
> Gr,
> Piotr

At a guess I'd say you the parser is reading a close operation for which it 
didn't find an open previously in the logs. This could easily happen if you 
don't have all of the log files for the whole debug session (and if you run 
logging for any length of time and care about disk space you probably won't), 
or if you started logging during an existing process and then started winding 
out of it. In either case it's not really an issue although I don't know if the 
new log parser will then have problems rendering the hierarchical list. The log 
parser I wrote caters for this situation by creating dummy opening calls at the 
appropriate depth(s). These will be given names like "Unlogged call at depth n".

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