On Feb 2, 2018, at 10:09 AM, Don Lapin wrote:

> Please let us know what you find out, Tim. From here it's looking like there 
> was never any intention of creating anything but a fig leaf.

Hi Don,

I definitely will. I’m sure the end result of 4D Write Pro will be a big 
improvement over the very aged plugin. Probably a few features lost, but many 
more added. Plus it will be positioned to last for another 20 years in its 
current iteration. 

Remember that there is no big hurry to move to 4D Write Pro. We still have 
maybe 2 years before it becomes a pressing concern when macOS and Windows end 
support for 32bit applications.

From my perspective it is only “required” if you want to run 64bit 4D client 
right now. If you can hang on to 32bit 4D client you should be able to wait 
until 4D Write Pro is “completed’ and “ready” for all purpose use. 

Tim Nevels 
timnev...@mac.com <mailto:timnev...@mac.com>
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