We are building a dynamic dialog for all our reporting dialogs, We are
using Object Duplicate on radio buttons. we are passing in a pointer to a
radio button variable and are setting one of the RBs on load. The radio
button we are copying has a unique name that does not conflict with any
existing radio buttons. We also have compatibility mode set for 4D to
manage radio buttons by name.

The problem is that when changing to a different radio button the
previously selected RB does not deselect. If there are 3 RBs it's possible
to have all set to be selected.

So a 3 RB setup would be this
radio button 1
   name = "CurrencyRB1"
   var . = Currency1
radio button 2
   name = "CurrencyRB2"
   var . = Currency2
radio button 3
   name = "CurrencyRB3"
   var . = Currency3

Could it be that using since Object Duplicate is a newer method it forces
the need for Grouping of RB? is there a way to group radio buttons
programmatically? I can not find anything on that.

Jonathan Marohn
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