my experience in this domain is limited, but as far as know:

on Mac, you can use libusb to control the USB directly, as long as the device 
does NOT have driver installed.

for example, I did this to receive images from SANE scanners (ScanSnap, which 
is neither ImageCapture or TWAIN)

if the device does have a driver (I think scales are HID and fall into this 
you need a codeless kext (kernel extension) to use libusb (to send receive data 


on Windows, it seems libusb could work with a device driver. (haven't tried)


there is no SET CHANNEL kind of native path for USB.


what is the scales's maker / model ?

how do developers control it in other languages?

2018/02/02 7:17、Jim Medlen via 4D_Tech 
<4d_tech@lists.4d.com<mailto:4d_tech@lists.4d.com>> のメール:
Is there a way to communicate via USB directly from 4D v15 ?
We have Serial communication set up with traditional serial port COM2
for an external scale.  Most scales now com with USB and I have been
asked to see if I can update our 4D application to communicate with
the scale via USB.

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