Thanks.  I have tried setting the headers with various values for Content-Type 
despite the documentation stating that these are defaulted for the different 
data types. 

I have not played with Content-Length so that is probably worth a try.  I guess 
I assumed that 4D would be able to figure that out for itself.  What would I 
need to put in Content-Length?  The BLOb or image size depending on what I send?

The strange this is that the send sometimes works but more often it does not 
and still returns a status 200 following an unreachable message.  Every test 
has been using the same small 4k image file.

Regards,  Dougie

> On 8 Feb 2018, at 14:31, Jeremy French <> wrote:
> Hi Doug,
> When you use "HTTP Request" command with the "HTTP Post method" constant, I 
> believe you also need to submit request headers.
> In particular, headers such as:
> Content-Length
> Content-Type
> Regards, Jeremy
>> $vl_Status:=HTTP Request(HTTP Post Method;”MYURL”;$vx_Request;$vx_Response)  
>> //Also tried adding various headers


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