On Feb 14, 2018, at 2:00 PM,Herr Alexander Heintz wrote:

>>> Most likely a wrapper for 4 lines of SVG code…
>> Was SVG around 157 month ago?
> SVG as a format?
> Most likely
> in 4D, I don’t think so…
> But why not use SVG if available?
> Its blinding fast

What Jörg is talking about is some code JPR wrote that would create Macintosh 
PICT format pictures creating them byte by byte. It was a very clever idea. He 
had to learn the format and structure of a PICT file and then create 4D code 
that would do the work of creating the bytes to make it into a legitimate 
picture that 4D could display using QuickTime. 

I believe he did something similar when he created “DataAnalyzer” that would 
map out a 4D data file and create picture of what was stored where. I think he 
created the picture for that pixel by pixel, byte by byte for that too. Pretty 

I would abandon trying to use this now as 4D has depreciated the PICT picture 
format. I agree with Alexander that SVG would be a better solution.

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