in the context of creating a visual representation of the data file,
it is better to NOT use SVG but rather create a BMP (which is what JPR showed 
in his "DataAnalyzer")
because you are just drawing simple squares.


(why stress the SVG rendering engine if the image is bitmap?)

if you intend to export the image,
it might be better if you could go a step further and compress the BMP as PNG.

but on screen, there is a bitmap drawing context in the background anyway,
so you might decide to stay with bitmap.

the advantage (again, as JPR demonstrated) is that you can locate pixel data 
for any position.

the best thing about SVG is that it's scalable.

on the other hand, if scalability is not an issue,
and you are not particularly interested in the XML backend,
SVG might actually be a bad choice on screen.

for example, if you use GRAPH or DOM or the SVG component to create an SVG 
and you don't need to scale it,
or respond to click,
or change it by code,
in other words if the image is static,
you might as well convert the image to BMP or PNG for display.

keeping a static SVG on screen creates a lot of unnecessary work for the 
rendering engine.

same for the original post, which was about creating images of text by code.
if you need to print it, or if you want to be DPI aware, then you might 
consider SVG.

but if the idea is to create some static image on the fly,
you might want to convert the SVG to PNG once the picture is generated.

> 2018/02/15 5:23、Tim Nevels via 4D_Tech <4d_tech@lists.4d.com> のメール:
> I believe he did something similar when he created “DataAnalyzer” that would 
> map out a 4D data file and create picture of what was stored where. I think 
> he created the picture for that pixel by pixel, byte by byte for that too. 
> Pretty amazing.
> I would abandon trying to use this now as 4D has depreciated the PICT picture 
> format. I agree with Alexander that SVG would be a better solution.

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