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> I was looking for something to do that, and Miyako did it. It is there:
>   <https://github.com/miyako/4d-tips-custom-url>
> Thanks so much, Miyako, to have done it! You’re really the angel of the 4D
> developers community! :)
> If someone is looking for the original thread, here on the nug, it is
> "Custom URLs to Open 4D Record on a Mac", around 1st August 2016.
> Do you know you I found it? Yesterday, I told to myself "I have to know if
> something exists to do that or no." First, I googled with "4D Apple events
> URL", etc. Nothing found. The tried with my archive of the nug. Found
> nothing (it was there, but I didn’t found). At the end, I thought: "OK,
> let’s read better the Miyako’s github list, not only the most popular
> items". And so I found! :)

Oooh, this is an interesting technique, like the deeplinks available on
mobile. Thanks Miyako!

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