If you are using Numbers on a Mac, there is no way to export to a tab delimited 
text file, only CSV. Many have complained, but Apple does not listen.

The work around is to select the content to be exported in Numbers and copy it 
to the clipboard. Then past into a plain text TextEdit document. The TextEdit 
document must have been converted to plain text before pasting the content. Be 
sure that there is CR after the last line and save the document.

Hope this saves someone some time. I do this all the time as I have grown to 
really like Numbers, but using one of the suggested plugins is really the way 
to go.


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> Hi Ferdinando,
> Export from Excel to text file (comma delimited, tab delimited). And then use 
> the 4D import tool or write your own code (receive packet,…)
> Koen

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