Pat Bensky found a bug with the "replace all" in certain circumstances.  I 
posted a fix to the same link: 

Thanks Pat!

Jeff Grann
SuccessWare, Inc.

> On Mar 7, 2018, at 10:46 AM, Jeff Grann <> wrote:
> I had the need to add find and replace to my 4D Write Pro areas. So I created 
> a generic component. It easily shows and hides itself at the top of a Write 
> Pro area and can resize itself automatically. You can download it and a demo 
> at:
> <>
> It requires 4D v16R5. You are free to use and modify it in any way you wish. 
> See the accompanying MIT license.
> Hope this saves someone else some time and effort. :-)
> ----------
> Jeff Grann
> SuccessWare, Inc.

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