the constants XLF format is briefly explained in the v13 upgrade manual.

page 236

what is not mentioned, which I found to be quite important,
is to assign a unique id for each group and constant.

personally I like to use a UUID for each group and gives its members a decimal 

this helps the constants to appear by group on the Explorer.


      <group resname="themes">
        <trans-unit id="16BC8C08EE0C425ABB271B6E9E71975F" 
resname="16BC8C08EE0C425ABB271B6E9E71975F" translate="no">
          <source>YOUR CONSTANT GROUP NAME</source>

      <group d4:groupName="16BC8C08EE0C425ABB271B6E9E71975F" restype="x-4DK#">
        <trans-unit d4:value="38:L" id="16BC8C08EE0C425ABB271B6E9E71975F.1">
          <source>A CONSTANT THAT BELONGS TO THE GROUP</source>

2018/03/08 8:31、Dave Nasralla via 4D_Tech 
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I found the 4DPop_Constant_Editor for creating a new constants file.
How do I edit one that already exists? I'd rather not use a text
editor. (I looked at a custom constants .xlf file and the syntax did
not seem overly obvious to me.)

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