This is Windows 10
4D 16R5

Found a most curious "anomaly" in 4DWrite Pro
We have a 4DWrite pro area (actually, 2 areas) on a form for printing
Depending upon the "Display Setting" scaling, the printed font size is 
different, hence making printing a rather interesting job of satisfying our 
customers with a successful, consistent print job.

Where "Double_Quote" is a function that returns a double quote
<span style="+Double_Quote +"font-family: arial; font-weight: 800; font-size: 
8px"+Double_Quote +">"+$text+"</span>"

If the display setting is 100%, prints at what looks like 8pt.  (Desired)
If the display setting is 125%, prints at... well 25% more (10pt)  (No fun!)

Don't want the font size on the printed doc to change!!!  WTF!

This is a rather complicated form to print, with two columns of info, "wrapped" 
, where I'm needing to count the lines printed and print to the alternate WP 
area when I've reached the max number of lines, and the issue a page break when 
the second WP area is "full".

Got any ideas!

Also, thanks to all who made the Vinofest a raging success!

Randy Engle, Director
XC2 Software LLC – XC2LIVE!

4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG)

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