So hot from the Summit I'm working with 16R and 17beta. I'm diving into
collections in a big way and have to say this is really, really cool.

But something I just noticed is how much better the compiler is in 16R. I
converted a large project to 16R to see how it works. One of the first
things I noticed were a number of issues flagged by the compiler that
haven't been flagged before. Curious, I thought. Several of the issues
looked like the conversion process may have corrupted the code since they
were obvious and never flagged before. For instance this line:


That's a variable declaration followed by a method. No way that wasn't
caught before I thought.

I periodically dump text versions of methods from this database so I've got
copies to go back to. I found a copy of that method from 2015 with that
exact line of code in it which as been running since at least that time.

It wasn't all compiler declarations either. Some were simple grammatical
errors in a query string:

QUERY([PARTNERS]; & ; [PARTNERS]name_last=;$lastName;*)

Again, it's been there for years but the 16R compiler caught it. ​

I don't know what the overall impact of this means but it's a benefit for
me. ​

Kirk Brooks
San Francisco, CA

*We go vote - they go home*
4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG)

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