I posted last Saturday that we were hit by the DELAY PROCESS bug in v16 three 
times in one day - once on each of our two mirrors, and also on our production 
server in (at least) the stored procedure that generates the journal files.

I resumed the mirror process without any problem and let the production server 
run, but also noticed the usual pattern that 4D had stopped updating its user 
interface also. Things like the CPU graph on the monitor tab had stopped 
updating, and the uptime display was wrong.

I checked on the server today from the administration window command in 4D 
Remote, which doesn't stop updating even if the server UI does. There are about 
100 users connected with about 600 processes running, but on the Process tab 
there are over 5600 "Users Processes" and over 1200 "4D Processes" for just 100 
users.  There are MANY "Reused spare processes" and lots of processes from 
users who are no longer connected to the server (and users who wouldn't be 
working on a Sunday anyway). 

Anyone ever seen anything like this? This is a Windows Server 2012 64-bit 
running 16.3 HF2. I'm guessing that this all stems from the DELAY PROCESS bug - 
one thought is that some background cleanup/garbage collection task has stopped 

Jeffrey Kain

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