Thanks for taking the time to give us this detailed hint at what's coming.
This is fantastic and exciting news! I hope the iOS feature  will get
developed to it's max. This has potential to open many areas for us

I have not found a need for the object oriented code yet, but then I'm an
old man who does not easily kill habits (good or bad). However I do still
find that necessity is the mother of necessity (yes I said it the way I
intended) when it comes to using new or yet used 4D code. In other words I
learn very fast if a feature is all of a sudden required for a customer.

But I am excited and encouraged (and proud) to see that 4D is still pouring
creativity and features into the platform. As developers we need to be
constantly kept excited and challenged with new features to at least
experiment with and find new uses for.

Some of us have made a career using only 4D. In the beginning 4D was not
exactly the most powerful and/or popular software around. Look at it now!
Keep it coming.

I'm curious if they have added anything more to the WEB modules? Not that
you can't do a lot right now but it could be easier to implement certain

Looking forward to get my hands on a demo of v17.


Jim Labos - infobase

Jim Labos - infobase
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