On Apr 10, 2018, at 12:40 PM, Randy Engle wrote:

> I tried this from several different angles (16r6)
> Import XML Structure works like importing records.
> It doesn't "update" or "merge", just imports new structure elements (Tables)
> Perhaps Laurent was confused at that moment?

You are right Randy.  I did some quick tests and IMPORT STRUCTURE command will 
not update existing tables. The documentation says "If an imported table has 
the same name as a local one, an error is generated and the import operation is 
aborted.” and this is the case.

So Laurent must have been confused and maybe thought, why create fields with 
SQL when you could create tables and fields with the IMPORT STRUCTURE command. 
You can do that, but what we want to do is update existing tables and fields 
and that is currently not possible with this command. 

So we are stuck again with the inability to set the “map NULL values to blank” 
field property when creating fields with SQL. 

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