Another solution might be to convert to v15R4 first, which will do the required 
reindexing but still use the old cache manager.  Then convert to v16 so it 
won't have to index.

> On Apr 12, 2018, at 12:49 PM, Jeffrey Kain <> wrote:
> Kirk,
> According to 4D, the problem is due to the new cache design in v16. We've 
> also seen this on our servers that have a large amount of memory installed. 
> We're working with 4D on a solution to this. The problem, according to 4D, is 
> that the new cache manager allocates a lot of very small blocks of memory, as 
> opposed to always four very large blocks in v15 and earlier. When it comes 
> time to release some of the memory when cache is full, something goes wrong 
> and Windows takes a very long time to release all of these tiny blocks.

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