We are excited to present Q2Pix 1.0b1, the first public beta release of the 
modern successor to QPix.

About Q2Pix

Q2Pix is the first of a new generation of 4D Extensions. We no longer call them 
"plug-ins" because they are more than that. The architecture of these new 
products comprises 4D plug-ins, components, frameworks, open-source libraries; 
they work with the latest 4D versions; they make extensive use of modern 4D 
features such as subforms, objects and JSON.

Key features

- Full 32/64-bit, 4D v16/64 recommended.
- QuickTime-free.
- Exposes an object model.
- Document-based programming interface.
- A rich viewer widget with menubar, toolbar and sidebar written in pure 4D.
- Full support of XMP metadata.
- A generic XMP data editor written in pure 4D.
- Extensive PDF support.
- Extensive acquisition capabilities: TWAIN, ImageCapture, WIA.
- Batteries included: no third-party stuff to install.


The few things which are missing in Q2Pix 1.0b1 will be completed in the next 
beta round. In the meantime, please use the demo database and documentation to 
familiarize yourself with the new programming style and be ready for porting 
your existing projects to Q2Pix.

Download location

Please visit <https://www.escape.gr/q/q2pix.html> and follow the download link.


Hoping you will like Q2Pix as much as we do, we look forward to hearing from 

Kind regards,

- Escape Tech

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