On Apr 13, 2018, at 2:00 PM, John Baughman wrote:

> First off, I think I found the problem. Looking at the Firewall rules I see 
> that the ports are being managed by application and I see both R5 and R6 are 
> listed twice. What I did not notice right off was that the action for R6 was 
> set to Blocked. I have changed it to Allow but will not be able to test it 
> for several hours. 4D must be creating these rules during installation as no 
> one here did it. Wonder why it set the action to blocked. The open ports 
> column for both versions is set to Any.

Hi John,

I have seen on some Windows systems — can’t be specific on exactly which 
versions, Window 10 for sure — the first time you run 4D Server a Windows 
system dialog box will be displayed telling you network ports are being opened 
and asks you to allow or block these ports. That is probably what created these 
Firewall entries. You only see the dialog one time and if you select the wrong 
option 4D Server will be deaf to network traffic. 

Tim Nevels 
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