We have been deploying our app (Windows Only), using v16r5
We have only been distributing the 32bit Client, as many of our customer still 
only have 32bit OS

Using 64bit solved a problem with 4DWritePro, so for select customers, we plan 
to make the 64bit Client available.

However, in launching the 64bit Client, I'm not able to connect to 4D Server
(Server is 64bit) - App is compiled for both 32 and 64 Bit
Can't see it in available servers
Entering values in the "Custom" tab fail:

Receive error:
The connection for this process has been disrupted or the connection couldn't 
be established:
Error 54 - Socket Write Failed.

I'm perplexed.  ?!?!?!?!?!
Something I'm not doing in the Build for Client?, that is different for 64 vs 
32 bit?

Any clues, anyone?

Many thanks

Randy Engle, Director
XC2 Software LLC – XC2LIVE!

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