not exactly..  :)
I have component which has 4D code which wraps the Progress component, 
this did 2 things for me
- I had existing code for thermometers & barber poles, so I just used 
those method calls to manage Progress and id not have to go back 
through lots of code to change calls, method names etc.
- I have a component, in which I put up a progress indicator (barber 
pole in this specific instance). The wrapper code, mentioned above, for 
Progress is included in the component.  I do not have a specific 
wrapper component for Progress.

Also, I think I have figured out the issue, what I was not aware of was 
in this context, Progress is trying to use the Host database context 
for the User close action callback, rather then the context of the 
component in which Progress was called/instansiated.
So, I will need to either, install the call back method into the host, 
or modify my Progress init routine to allow a passthrough Host user 
close callback method name.

Thanks for the help

On Mon, 11 Jun 2018 20:48:37 +0000, Keisuke Miyako via 4D_Tech wrote:
> you are working on a component that "wraps" around another component?
> just as a reminder,
> the progress component is open-source since v16,
> partners have ways to customise and distribute them.
>> 2018/06/11 23:21、Chip Scheide via 4D_Tech <> の
>> メール:
>> In component (wrappers for progress methods including):
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