Yeah, I noticed around v16r6+ the compiler syntax checker got much better.
Little typos like that in code I've run for years suddenly got flagged.
Like: C_TEXT($text;$anotherVar;;$refStr)

Perhaps this is related, perhaps not, but I also noticed 4D's object
referencing got much better as well about the same time. In v15, for
example, I still needed to pass a pointer to an object (c-object)
sometimes. Usually when a reference to something in that object was passed
to another method or two. With the implementation of ORDA and the native
dot notation that couldn't happen. The only time I still see a need for
passing a pointer to an object is when it's a parameter to a method that
executes on the server and I want the object updated on the client.

On Wed, Jul 11, 2018 at 9:11 AM Chip Scheide via 4D_Tech <> wrote:

> I apparently had a good typo:
> C_TEXT($0#1;$Action;$2;$Setname)
> see it?
> $0#1 as part of a compiler directive.
> Compiler in v13 does NOT catch/flag this.
> Might be worth while checking whatever version you are using
> Chip
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