You can use the 4D formula editor with the EDIT FORMULA command.

I don't use 4D Write, but I implemented the formula editor for styled text 
fields (used to implement a markdown editor). 

Editing (by double click) or inserting a formula is something like this:

GET HIGHLIGHT(*;$edName;$start;$end)
Case of 
  : ($start=$end)
  : (ST Get content type(*;$edName)=ST Expression type)  //Formula is selected.
    $formula:=ST Get expression(*;$edName)
End case 

If ($formula#"")
  $formula:=UI_Formula_editor ($formula)
  If ($formula#"")
    ST INSERT EXPRESSION(*;$edName;$formula;$start;$end)
    HIGHLIGHT TEXT(*;$edName;$start;$start+1)
  End if 
End if 

John DeSoi, Ph.D.

> On Oct 9, 2018, at 11:50 AM, David Ringsmuth via 4D_Tech 
> <> wrote:
> Insert expression and Get expression seem to not be pre-implemented in the 4D 
> v17 Write Pro area.
> The documentation indicates this should be managed by the developer, along 
> with “Allowed Methods”.
> I think the UI for this provide access to allowed tables, fields, methods and 
> commands.
> If you have already implemented this for a 4D WP area, would you be willing 
> to share how you did it?

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