Using 4D v15.6 on pc W7

Made a small program, no fields are used, no tables are used or present
all memory based and there is a “datafile” because 4D requires that. 

When running during interpreted and compiled, and open 1 particular file, using 
cmd “open document”
there is no error message and 4D “opens” the file, and every things works as 

But when I run that same program, as stand-alone, the file is NOT opened 
because of the following message: 
-The path name is invalid-   File not found  with error message#: -43  File not 

The file path is obtained by doing a drag and drop on an area, 
the cmd: $DocPath_t:=Get file from pasteboard(1)  

some validation….

then I use:
$tDocRef:=Open document($DocPath_t;”*";Read mode)

this is the point when I get the “file not found” error message. 

wrote this little program in 2 hours but
I’ve spend 8 hours reading up on this single issue, changed to read-write etc. 
But now I don’t know how to proceed. 

Can anyone have any pointers to why this is happening. 

path is the same in every situation, I put the path in a text variable to be 
displayed on screen
and there is no difference in the path, even after the error, the same path 
(info) is shown in the variable. 

what am I missing….. ?


ernie hilgers(aruba)

4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG)

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