Thank to all that gave me pointers & suggestions !!

> $tDocRef:=Open document($DocPath_t;”*";Read mode)
> this is the point when I get the “file not found” error message. 
> what am I missing….. ?

 the error was right after the “open document”  command
where I do a  "Document to blob”
I did NOT supply the document-path but only the document-name. :-(

In my “impatience” to quickly finish this program of a couple of lines, I was 
not reading the error message thorough enough. 
the cmd “open document” was on line 30
the cmd "Document to blob" was on line 32. 

all the time I assumed the error was referring to line 30.  

after doing what Timothy Penner suggested: split the program up into smaller 
parts (more or less)
the detail of the error messages caught my eye, that’s when I found my 
editorial error. 

thanks for all who gave me feedback !!


ernie hilgers(aruba)
4D Internet Users Group (4D iNUG)

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