Has anyone implemented version control with 4D methods and forms?  I am not 
that experienced with 4D administration so some guidance would be greatly 
appreciated.  I am familiar with Subversion so once I get the files exported I 
can take it from there.

I read this Tech Note: https://kb.4d.com/assetid=76559 and the attached 
I also found on GitHub: https://github.com/4D/vc-framework-v14
I also found on GitHub: https://github.com/elutz/vc-framework-v17 

For the 4D Tech Note: (method export only I believe)
1.  I'm running v15R5 would this work for me?
2.  The documentation says install 'CodeExport.4dbase' in the 'Components' 
folder, but I don't have that folder in my database folder hierarchy.  Do I 
just create it?
3.  Would you recommend adding the macro to launch the component at database 
startup?  If this is not done how do you interact with the 'CodeExport' 
component?  What is the advantage to having it start automatically vs. start on 
4.  The documentation talks about interacting with the 'CodeExport' component 
via the 'macros' menu.  I don't see this in the client or the server UI menu 
bars (macOS platform).  Is the macro menu being referred to the one in each 
method editor window?

For the vc-framework: (method and forms export)
1.  I'm running v15R5 would either of these work for me?
2.  Has anyone used this?
3.  Does it work well?

From what I gather the process is going to be as follows:

Install component (may need to create directory)
Reboot server (maybe?)
If not installed in start up method open a method and invoke from macro method
Go to the directory created by the export and add the files to Subversion

Thanks for any help you can offer,Sandor Szatmari

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